• Pastor Tim Dunn

    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Tim grew up in Northern Ireland with his parents and three brothers, and attended school and university there, focusing on the Arts, and majoring in History. It was during his time at school that he came to faith in Christ as the only way of salvation. After graduating, he left Ireland and moved to London to work for a church in Fulham and Hammersmith, where he stayed for two years. During this time, he completed his MA in Church History and the Cornhill Preaching Course. During his time in London he was mentored by Mike, his pastor. Mike advised that he attend seminary for further theological training before seeking a full-time pastoral position.

    Thus it is that he came to the US to attend Southern Seminary in August 2014, and graduated in December 2016. In February 2017, he accepted the call to be lead pastor of Milford Bible Church.

    Outside academics, he enjoys history, sports and music, as well as writing and technology.

    For more information about Pastor Tim, his theological beliefs and access to articles he has written, visit his website: www.timkdunn.com

  • Pastor Tom Fox

    Assistant Pastor for Visitation

    Pastor Fox has served as a pastor, shepherding local churches for fifty years in New York State and New Jersey. In 2005, after serving as Pastor of the Ringwood Baptist Church for twenty-one years, he and his wife retired and moved to Montague, New Jersey to be closer to two of their three daughters and their families. Their third daughter lives in Michigan.

    Since retiring, Pastor Fox has ministered in several local churches, assisting them in their time of need. He and his wife Shirley have been blessed with twelve grandchildren. They are both members of the Milford Bible Church family.

  • Pastor Bill Dougherty

    Assistant Pastor for Senior Ministries

    Pastor Bill Dougherty has served as Music and Youth Pastor in several churches in Michigan and southern New Jersey for over 35 years and as Missions Pastor for 3 years. He has served on the staff of Voice of Christian Youth (YFC) in Detroit, MI, as an Associate Missionary to Senegal, West Africa, with New Tribes Missions, and served as Administrator of Tri-State Bible Camp/Conference in Montegue, NJ.

    Pastor Bill has earned a Bachelor of Science in Religion, a Master of Arts in Religion, and a certificate for Anointed Expository Preaching. He also has taken several courses in Accounting and Math and Computer Science. He is also a Pastoral member of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, Inc. 

    Pastor Bill and his wife, Gloria, are now retired and live in Montague, NJ. They are both members of Milford Bible Church and are leaders of the “Pairs and Spares” Seniors Ministries.

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