Faith Brennan | Brazil

Tim and Faith Brennan disciple people through counseling and Bible teaching. Many times the need for a better understanding of the Gospel arises during a counseling session. So, a co-worker will take the time to teach the Gospel story chronologically. After salvation, they can return to counseling by having them deal with forgiveness, anger, sin, and oppression through the enemy, etc.

Dear prayer partners, It is with great sadness that I communicate the passing of my husband, Tim Brennan, into eternity. On the Sunday night of October 4, around 1:00 AM, Tim died of heart failure. Throughout all the years I have been serving the Lord, I never forget a phrase He has given me: “Nothing happens in my life without having, first, gone through the hand of God.” This truth gives me so much peace. I am so thankful for my children who are living this truth along with me. It all happened so suddenly. Now we have new adjustments, but the Lord is carrying us through it all. Funerals are different here than in the US. Bodies are not embalmed, so, within a twenty-four-hour period, the body must be buried. We were not able to inform all people in the area as we would have liked. Tim was in the bigger city of Chapecó where our larger church group is when he passed away. So, we knew a viewing had to be done there, for the sake of those in Chapecó. After this, we brought his casket to Camp Canaan, for those in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, for viewing. Finally, he was buried in the cemetery of Gramado dos Loureiros, the township where Camp Canaan is located. Many, who would have wanted to be at his viewing, have not yet received the news of Tim’s passing. So, on a regular basis, many are still arriving here at Camp Canaan to give their condolences. I know Tim would have liked to express his gratefulness to all of you who have stood behind us. Having said this, I also thank each and every one of you for your faithfulness towards God and me. Tim will be greatly missed. I believe that between the city of Chapecó and the state of Rio Grande do Sul, we estimate that, at least, 300 people were at his viewing because of the influence he had on people’s lives. There could have easily been a thousand or more. But, due to the suddenness of Tim’s passing and the COVID restrictions, there were fewer people present. When I saw the love and appreciation that so many have toward him, it brought tears to my eyes – in fact, that is what is happening right this moment I am writing. In Christ, Faith Brennan

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the family in the aftermath of Tim's death.
  • Pray for comfort for family members.
  • You can be praying for us as we adjust to the fact that Tim is not here and all the memories we have around us.
  • I need prayer that I will be able to get things organized with the emails, etc. Tim always took care of the letter writing and I did not have to worry about it.