Missionary of the Week

Praying more purposefully for our Missions Partners

Angela Clouser | Chile

Angela Clouser is currently the lead teacher for the elementary school working closely with the administrator for communication between the teachers and the administration. She is also the first ​and second-grade teacher at Santiago Christian Academy. She shares Christ whenever she can with her students during Bible classes and programs it into other daily studies as the curriculum provides many ways to do this. ​Once COVID restrictions lift, she will resume serving in the worship team ministry at New Life Baptist Church in downtown Santiago.

  • Keeping me safe and healthy from the virus
  • Helping my students finally get a grasp on in-person learning again. The first graders have only had one semester of being in a Pre-k classroom.
  • My students' ability to learn in the midst of chaotic Covid protocols.
  • Time with ABWE teammates and SCA colleagues.
  • Continue to pray for the future of the school and decisions that will be made in the near future. I am optimistic and encouraged by what I have seen so far. 

  • Pray that our pre-field teammates raise their support quickly so that they can return to be a part of the administration team. We desperately need them! Sadly, one of the couples who were on the road to coming down has felt the Lord leading them away from ministry here in Chile. Pray for the Lord's direction in their lives as they remain stateside.

  • Pray for the stamina and well-being of the teachers at SCA. Many of us are so physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the day. Some of us are having some difficulties with a few of our student parents too.

  • Pray for the quick arrival of our curriculum. We desperately need it!

  • Pray for continued language acquisition and opportunities to have conversations with the Chileans.

  • Pray for me to have a more faithful time alone with the Lord.

  • Pray for increased financial support/partnerships or new support/partnerships in the amount of at least $1,000 per month.

  • Pray that I will receive my Permanent Visa soon.