Missionary of the Week

Praying more purposefully for our Missions Partners

Kevin & Joy DeVizia | NE USA

Kevin and Joy DeVizia's work is to meet the Great Commission by reaching and teaching children and their families in connection with local churches. The work doesn’t end with sharing the Gospel of Christ Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, but they endeavor to continue that work that starts with conversion and continues through discipleship. They work hand-in-hand with local churches to help them have outreaches and teaching programs, and they offer education programs that challenge kids to dig deeper into God’s Word.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please keep us in prayer for our current planning moving forward with a new pandemic ministry outreach which we hope to do all-outside, socially distanced but still in person. We would still do Bible teaching and memory as we have in the past along with some drama but we are looking to build some special gadget containers that involve problem-solving with a Bible object lesson related to the day’s main thrust.
  • Along with discussing these possible adaptations, please also pray for us and our board members for direction in all of this.
  • Please pray for our finances in these tough times.