What We Believe

WE are Word-Centered

Scripture is the sole authority that explains how we are to worship, believe and live for God. Jesus, the divine Son of God, became man to reveal the will of God for salvation. All of Scripture points to, and is fulfilled in, the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus of Nazareth. We obey the Bible because it is God's revelation to mankind. It is without error and is fully sufficient to guide us in our lives.

WE are Reformed

God is sovereign and we are not. As a Protestant church, we use the word ‘Reformed’ to signify our inheritance of the Gospel that was taught by the Apostles, and that was reclaimed by the Reformation; namely that we believe in the five ‘solas’ of the Reformation: Scripture Alone revealing salvation In Christ Alone, received by Faith Alone, through Grace Alone for God’s Glory Alone. Man is utterly depraved and deserving of judgement for our sinfulness against the holy God. We need the death of Christ and the regeneration of our hearts through the application of Christ’s work on the cross by the Spirit in order to live a life of victory for God’s glory. By this declaration we refuse and refute any conception of salvation by works as both unbiblical and unable to bring about salvation.

WE are Expositional

We submit to Scripture. We believe in preaching verse by verse. This ensures that the whole counsel of God is taught faithfully, avoiding the two extremes of either focusing on certain preferences or avoiding difficult topics.

WE are believers in Lordship Salvation

We submit to God in everything. We deny self and obey Him. He is Lord of all, and salvation is more than simply avoiding Hell: it is allowing Jesus to be king of our lives, our hearts and our future.

WE are Complementarian

All created human beings are made in the image of God. We are all created equal before God, but have been given different roles in the church and home. Men have the responsibility to lead and teach the church spiritually just as husbands have the same responsibility at home. This leadership is to be sacrificial, not dictatorial, as it reflects Christ’s leadership of the church. Women have the God-given responsibility of helping men lead spiritually.

WE are Baptistic

We believe in adult baptism by immersion. Followers of Christ, upon profession of faith and baptism, are welcomed into the church family. We believe in the importance of local church authority, the vitality of discipline and autonomous governance.

WE are Missional

We believe in preaching the Gospel everywhere – in our homes, workplaces, schools, community and throughout the world. We support many missionaries and it is our desire to send short-term teams to our missionaries to be a refreshment to them as often as we can.

WE are Disciplers

We believe that discipleship breeds a healthy, obedient church. Inter-generational discipleship, in particular, is the lifeblood of this discipline as older and more mature believers share the victories and defeats of their Christian walk with younger members and those new to the faith.

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