Josh Javery | Poland

Keith and Jody are church planters in the Southeastern suburbs of Madrid, Spain, targeting eight towns/small cities with an emphasis in Torres de la Alameda. Their present work is there with a church having been started six years ago. This church plant is in an area that previously had no real gospel witness.


  • Pray for church members in the church to step up to take roles he will leave and for a smooth transition out with blessings and praises to the King of Kings. Particularly pray for Joshua's home service which has been more challenging to plan given the uncertain circumstances created by COVID. May grace abound during this time. He is looking forward to spending time with Milford's church body.
  • COVID slammed shut many open doors and places in which Joshua did ministry, particularly the library where Joshua held free Bible classes and English lessons. Many of these library patrons also attended the monthly evening English worship service, but have retreated to limited interaction. Joshua would like to connect with key people once again before departing but if not pray that someone will water the seeds sown.
  • Pray for Joshua's father who is 81. His mobility is diminishing quickly and as his dementia grows and the family will need to make some hard decisions soon.