Bob & Barbara Longenecker | NE PA

Bob and Barbara Longenecker work in Children's ministry with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Pike and Wayne counties in Pennsylvania. They run after-school programs, 5-Day Clubs, Day Camps, and Good News Clubs. They also train young people through their summer missionary program. Their goals are to evangelize children who are not currently being reached with the gospel, to disciple and encourage young believers in their faith, and to aid churches in their training methods.


  • Please pray that more children will sign up for our Zoom sessions.
  • Ask the Lord to meet the financial needs of Wayne-Pike CEF in 2021.
  • Pray for a great harvest of souls in 2021 among the children of Wayne and Pike counties.
  • Ask God to open the door for even greater opportunities in 2021 to reach children with the Gospel.
  • Pray that we may be able to again soon start-up our released time class and Good News Club at Stourbridge Primary Center.
  • Ask the Lord to lead us to young people who have a desire to share the gospel with children to serve as summer missionaries.