Lyn Meisky | North Carolina

Lyn Meisky is actively involved with an AWANA group through her local church, working with the kindergarten children and teaching a bible lesson to the whole K-2 Group. She is also involved with a group of ladies making lap quilts for ill and invalids. Each person is contacted personally by someone from church. As a member of the quilting group she is involved in a prayer ministry for each person receiving a quilt. She is also planning to be involved with additional outside children's ministries when they open back up.

  • For openings to minister at church and in the community. The church has a community outreach planned for just before Easter. Pray for good contacts.
  • For those who receive the prayer quilts. We never know the impact of our actions even when they seem “behind the scenes.”
  • For the AWANA ministry at Grace Baptist Church. Pray for attendance to keep up as weather gets warmer. For salvation and growth for the 20 children attending.
Praise For:

Three years ago a quilt was requested and given to a man who was very ill at that time. He has since recovered and he and his wife decided to start attending church again. He remembered that Grace Bible had reached out to them with a quilt when he was ill and decided to try here first. He and his wife were both saved and have now become church members.