Gordon "Chip" & Laurie Phillips

Amazonas, Brazil | Amazon Baptist Hospital

Gordon Phillips is the director of the Amazon Baptist Hospital as well as a surgeon at the hospital and the government hospital in their city. He is part of the teaching staff of their local church. He also has a weekly radio program. He does personal and family counseling (biblical counseling) and teaches counseling in the mission’s seminaries and regional conferences. Laurie is a nurse at the Amazon Baptist Hospital and works in personal discipleship. They present the gospel to patients who are treated at the Amazon Baptist Hospital, clients that are counseled and to those who participate in local church ministries.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for ongoing surgical, counseling, and prenatal outreaches
  • Pray for a difficult counseling case where a husband has left his wife. Pray that the wife will have wisdom to make decisions pleasing to the Lord.
  • Praise that COVID has been quiet in their area.
  • Pray for a teen who needs a jaw prosthesis.
  • Pray for their youngest daughter to find a solid church and godly friends after transferring to a new university in Arkansas.