Evan & Becky Smith | Grand Rapids, Michigan | Ministry to Refugee Muslims

Evan and Becky Smith are serving with WEC International. They are ministering to Muslims living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These Muslims are predominantly refugees from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Evan and Becky help families adjust to life in America by assisting them in finding work and places to live, learning how to pay bills and deal with insurance, and seeing their children succeed in school. Within these relationships, Evan and Becky teach about Jesus, and God's plan for their salvation. Evan is actively involved at the West Michigan Friendship Center where he leads the initiative of prayer for Muslims in West Michigan, coordinates English language lessons, and helps lead training sessions for members of several churches who wish to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Evan and Becky also maintain contact and regular prayer support with believers in the country of Kyrgyzstan, where they had worked for 13 years.

Prayer Requests:

  • Muslims in Grand Rapids who have heard the gospel multiple times will give their lives to Jesus.
  • More believers will seek training to effectively represent Jesus to their Muslim neighbors.
  • The house church in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan will remain firm and grow in their knowledge of the Lord.