St. Trivelius Institute

St. Trivelius Institute is the only registered Evangelical Seminary in Bulgaria. It seeks to produce well-rounded, capable and sincere men and women for the work of spreading Christianity, through accessible, practical and biblical training for ministry in local churches of all denominations for Bulgaria, the Balkans, and beyond. Their core essence is to Share Christ and bring people to salvation for the glory of our Savior and the growth of His Church. Our students are encouraged to go to different areas of life and be a living witness for God’s Salvation power.


  • STI teaching staff was able to remodel the courses to fit the new online learning. The enrollment of new students went up.
  • Most of the staff went through COVID-19 infection with no hospitalizations. 
  • We are about to start new program for pastors - Family and marriage counseling

Prayer Requests:

  • The submission of accreditation documents for STI is 12/31/2021 and we need God's help in the process.
  • On-line classes are not meeting the ultimate goal of STI to build characters. Spiritual formation process needs a one to one relationship.
  • We need wisdom for the future development of programs in STI in order to meet the need of the local church in a new reality.
  • We need to pray for new professors that will be willing to share our vision for advancing God's kingdom in Bulgaria and beyond.
  • Financial support of the ministry of STI has been a challenge over the past 18 months. We want to see committed man and woman so together to minister to the local church and Bulgarian society.