Sunday School Electives

The Fall Sunday School Quarter of Adult Electives has some very exciting offerings.  Classes begin September 11th.

Genesis:  Which Came First? - Room 211

Are you interested in how it all started? Do you struggle with the origin of evil, dinosaurs, was there a Big Bang, is work good or bad, was there a worldwide flood, is there any hope for us?  If so come join in to get some answers, ask some more questions, and enjoy interactive fellowship with other believers.

The Apostle to the Gentiles: The Life of Paul - Room 112

Something to think about…

Christianity as a movement arose within the Jewish community, not in the lands to which the Jews had been scattered, but in Israel itself. Jesus was a Jew. His disciples were Jews, and it was with Jews they shared the Good News after Jesus ascended into heaven. Yet, within the span of a single generation, the Roman authorities viewed Christianity as a predominantly Gentile religion. Even today, there are places in the world where to say “Jews and Christians” means the same as saying “Jews and Gentiles”.

Why is this so? In a large part due to a man, a Jew by birth and upbringing, described as “small of stature, with a bald head and crooked legs, in a good state of body, with eyebrows meeting and nose somewhat hooked, and full of friendliness”, in a word, Paul.

This is the man we are going to study, and what the Holy Spirit wonderfully wrought through him during the thirty years or so following his conversion to Christ in about A.D. 33.

Those interested in the study notes for this class can download them here.

ADVANCED THEOLOGY: Humble Hunger for GOD  - Room 117-118

This is designed to be a course of "heavy lifting" in theology seeking to answer big questions about GOD in a way that produces and maintains a small view of oneself.

We affirm that the goal of theology (the study of GOD) is doxology (expression of worship for GOD).

We'll begin slowly with a brief study of the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession, especially its introduction and appendix. Here we find a model of sweet humility and serious scholarship that remains instructive to all Christians today.

From there, we will seek to begin to tackle the problem of evil and suffering with help from Dr. D.A. Carson's book, How Long, O Lord?

We hope you will consider joining us.

GriefShare  - Room 119

You don’t have to go through grieving alone. We are a friendly & caring group who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. 

Led by people who have suffered great loss and yet found hope. You will gain the help and support you need to go through the grieving process.

     New cycle beginning January 8th in Room 119

You are welcomed to join at any time during the cycle.

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For more info contact 570-296-6019 or E-Mail Here