A safe place to grow in Christ makes attending a small group a must for every believer. We walk through books of the Bible and deal with issues that are important at every stage of life. Applying the principles of Scripture effectively to our personal situations grows each of us into a stronger faith and more stunning testimony for God’s glory.

These times of smaller, group-study are opportunities for more relational discipleship creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Men’s Morning Bible Study

Current Study: Jeremiah

Teacher: Pastor Fox

What has the book of Jeremiah to tell us today? As a prophet who oversaw the destruction of his country at the express desire and command of God, there is much to learn from Jeremiah. He watched as a rebellious nation refused to honor their God, and was helpless to stop the punishment for their consequences. We aren’t in the same situation, but the lessons of humility, of fearing the Lord and of being obedient in the midst of a society who disregarded the commands of God are timeless.

Come and join with us on Tuesdays at 9.00am in Room 211.

For further information, call 570-296-6019 or Email Here.

Men’s Evening Bible Study

Current Study: The Kneeling Christian

Teacher: Bill Dauer / Carl Scheuermann

This book study comes recommended by Pastor Tim who gave copies of this book away during a service when he was preaching on prayer. The study will be an in-depth study on the topic of prayer, and how we as believers ought to pray with confidence, assurance and willingness because of what Christ has done, and how He has given us access to God through the cross.

Come and join with us on Thursdays at 7.00pm in Room 117-118.

For further information, call 570-296-6019 or email Bill Dauer.

Women’s Bible Studies

Women's Bible Studies resume!  

The morning study is "Remarkable Women of the Bible" and the evening study is "Esther and Ruth."

We'll be meeting on Thursdays at 9.30a and 7.00p in Room 211.

For further information, call 570-296-6019 or Email Here.