The Church is Called to Love One Another

Christians are called to love one another as Christ has loved us.

Each of us has a responsibility for the welfare and well-being of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our covenant as a church demands that we must live this way – loving one another, helping one another, teaching one another, discipling one another and praying for one another so that in all things God will be glorified.

It is our desire to actively be involved in each other’s lives to encourage, uphold, correct, and lovingly restore one another in grace.

The Church Diet

What Is A 'Church Diet'?

The Church Diet is the primary expectation for members. Just as we need certain foods in our diet for our physical bodies to be healthy, there are certain things that are required to be spiritually healthy in a local church. 

As a healthy member, seeking to grow in the Gospel with one another, the Elders recommend participation in the following areas. These are recommended to encourage our spiritual growth, give opportunities for discipleship, help us in developing fellowship and nurturing our faith in Jesus.

The Diet of MBC includes:

Worship Service | Corporate Singing, Corporate Prayers, Reading of Scripture, Preaching, Administration of the Ordinances

The lifeblood of the church is the Sunday Morning Worship Service. This service is built around the preaching of Scripture. The sermon will be Christ-centered, expositional and will apply the Word to our lives today.

The music is a mixture of older, traditional hymnody and contemporary music, and is carefully chosen to reflect the theme of the service and the sermon. Throughout the service there are corporate prayers of praise, confession, thanksgiving and repentance led by the leadership.

Sunday School | Focused Teaching, Smaller Groups, Fellowship, Discipling, Correcting, Encouraging

The wide variety of Sunday School classes that occur after the morning service allow you to go deeper in your understanding of who God is and what He has done for us. Sunday School allows for an interactive, deeper engagement in topics that may be culturally relevant, personally difficult or intellectually stimulating.

Our current classes are: 

  • Current Issues | Elder-led | Auditorium

Wednesday Prayer Meeting  | Prayers for the Needs of our Church, Devotional, Fellowship

Please join us as we gather together in community and bring our concerns to God with love and compassion for one another. We engage in an interactive Bible Study and then pray for one another and for other needs as they arise.

Service | Service, Loving One Another

We strongly encourage a servant’s heart in all of our members. Everyone can joyfully use their gifts for the Kingdom!

Some areas you many consider serving in:

  • Nursery
  • Children’s/Youth ministry
  • Music
  • Audio-Visual Ministry
  • Hospitality
  • Facility Maintenance

Scripture Memory (currently on hold; check back with us for updates)  |  Systematic Memorization of Key Verses and Passages of the BIble