Prayer is our intimate communication with God. In our prayers we are to praise God for who He is, rejoice in our salvation, thank Him for His goodness to us, bring our petitions for others and present our requests before Him. We don’t make demands of God, but acknowledge that He is a good Father, who loves to give good gifts to His children. Although we bring petitions and requests to God, we remember that He knows better than we do, and so we are to come boldly into His presence, but to submit to His greater knowledge for what we need, and trust His goodness in how He answers our prayers.

Wednesday Evening

We gather together as a body of believers to have a brief devotional taught before we spend time dedicated to praying for the needs of our church. We encourage vulnerability and compassion as we listen to the needs of our brothers and sisters and then sensitively bring these issues before God.

Room 112 at 7.00pm.