Membership is the method by which the people of God know who is in their community of believers. We all ‘wear the same jersey’ of baptism and sit together at the Lord’s Table. We have publicly identified as Christians and the church affirms our faith and salvation by membership. There is a distinction between members and non-members, just as there is a sharp distinction between believer and non-believer. This distinction is to be maintained so that we know who is in our family and who is not.

Membership does not convey, grant or define salvation. It is the affirmation of our profession of faith.

The aspects of faith and membership:

Conversion - A supernatural act of God and not of man. A sinner throws himself onto the mercy of God and accepts Christ’s work for their salvation.

Profession – A new believer professes faith in Christ as Lord and Savior (1 John 1:9).

Baptism - Baptism is the believer professing to be on Christ’s side and is the church’s affirmation of their profession, which leads to membership.

Admission - The church now treats the new member as a full member of the local church, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of such.

Participation - As a member of the church, the believer is now expected to participate in the life of the church like any other member.

If you are interested in membership, why not consider sitting in on our Membership Sunday School class? Feel free to contact Pastor Brandon.