At MBC, our leadership structure follows Paul's commands in 1 Timothy and Titus.

Our Elders compassionately oversee the spiritual matters of church by graciously ministering through the Word, praying for our church family, our community and our world and keeping watch that sound doctrine is being taught.

Our Deacons thoughtfully tend to the practical aspects of church by dispensing benevolence funds to those in need, preparing the annual budget and caring for members during crisis, sickness and loss.

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  • Evan Bates

    Elder/Youth Pastor

    Evan is currently an English teacher of twelve years and has attended Milford Bible Church, originally as a young adult and continuing with his wife, Melissa, and children over the past eighteen years.  He has served in short-term missions with Gospel Ministries to Children and as a Vacation Bible School group leader, Word of Life Clubs leader, Christian Service Brigade leader, Junior & Senior High Sunday School teacher & leader, College & Career small group leader, and more recently on the Transition Team and the Pastoral Search Team.  


  • Brandon Brown

    Associate Pastor for Outreach, Discipleship, and Administration

    After growing up in Sapulpa, Oklahoma for the first nineteen years of my life, I joined the military soon after graduating high school. During my time in the military, I traveled to and was stationed in many different states in the U.S.—Georgia, Texas, Virginia, California, to name a few– and have even been deployed to different countries around the world, including Germany, two times in Iraq, and, for about six months, the southern mountain region of Turkey. 
    In August of 2013, I finished serving my eight year contract with the military, packed up my bags, and flew with my wife and 130 pound Newfoundland from Kaiserslautern, Germany to Louisville, Kentucky where I attended Boyce College and Southern Seminary. 

    When I’m not working on something at Milford Bible Church, I enjoy cooking “gourmet” food, reading books listed in my own personal syllabus, growing as a writer, and, most important of all, spending time with my wife.


  • Mark Cerberville


    Mark is currently employed in the behavioral health care field in Orange County, New York and has been a member of Milford Bible Church for the past twenty years along with his wife, Julie, and their three children.  He has served with choir, special music, praise team, teaching Sunday school at various age levels, part of the facilitation team of Grief Share ministry, Upward Basketball, and have been involved in, as well as chairing the CE committee. 


  • Rich Horst


    Rich is currently a music teacher in the Delaware Valley School District and has been a part of Milford Bible Church since 1997 with his wife, Eleanor.  During that time, he has served as youth leader, deacon, part of both the finance and music committees, choir director, and Sunday school teacher.  He is currently chair of the Finance Committee and choir director.


  • Steve Lloyd


    Steve currently works as a physical therapist in New Jersey and has attended/been a member of Milford Bible Church for the past thirteen years along with his wife, Sue, and their three children.  He has served by playing the drum set in the worship team, helping to teach in the Tree Climbers, Boys Brigade and Word of Life Clubs, coaching and co-directing the Upward Basketball program, and more recently, singing in the choir. 


  • Gordon Pauling


    Gordon is a retired music teacher and department chair and has attended Milford Bible Church with his wife, Kathy, and children for over twenty-five years.  During that time, Gordon has served in many different capacities, and continues to serve through assisting with outdoor maintenance, teaching Sunday School, past facilities committee chair, past deacon/deacon chair, and more recently on the Transition Team and the Pastoral Search Team.  Gordon currently oversees the worship ministries of Milford Bible Church.


  • Pastor Tom Fox

    Assistant Pastor for Visitation

    Pastor Fox has served as a pastor, shepherding local churches for fifty years in New York State and New Jersey. In 2005, after serving as Pastor of the Ringwood Baptist Church for twenty-one years, he and his wife retired and moved to Montague, New Jersey to be closer to two of their three daughters and their families. Their third daughter lives in Michigan.

    Since retiring, Pastor Fox has ministered in several local churches, assisting them in their time of need. He and his wife Shirley have been blessed with twelve grandchildren. They are both members of the Milford Bible Church family.


  • Jim  Balsano


    Jim, along with his wife Kathy,  is a long-time member of Milford Bible Church and has served previously as a deacon.


  • Serge Djiya


    Serge is currently the Vice-President of Operations at GTD Properties Management and has been with Milford Bible Church with his wife, Emma, and family for ten years.  During that time, he has served in men's ministry and on the Transition Team.  Serge currently oversees the Finance Committee.


  • Steve Hoffman


    Steve is a retired correctional officer and has been a part of Milford Bible Church since 1994, along with his wife, Ramona, and their two sons.  Steve has served in many capacities at Milford Bible Church in the past, including as a past deacon, as a Sportsman's Dinner coordinator, and on the church's security committee, 


  • George Lewis


    George worked as a maintenance electrician at Kolmar Laboratories in Port Jervis for 41 years and is now semi retired still working Tuesdays and Wednesdays. George with his wife Ginger and family have attended MBC for 21 years.He served as a deacon in the past and works on mowing grass in the summertime and helps with the electrical projects that need doing here at MBC.George currently is the liaison for the facilities committee,and also sings in the choir. 


  • Jeff Lewis


    Jeff is currently employed as a New York State Correctional Officer and has attended Milford Bible Church as a young person and continuing with his wife, Stephanie, and children.  He has served as a Boys Brigade Ranger, Word of Life, Vacation Bible School security, as an Upward Coach/Crew member, and on the Sportsman's Dinner Committee.  Jeff currently oversees the Benevolence Committee.


  • Dennis Ommundsen


    Dennis is currently employed as the facilities manager at Milford Bible Church and has been a part of Milford Bible Church since 1989 along with his wife, Nancy, and their children.  In the past, Dennis has served as a leader in Boys Brigade, as head usher, and as part of the facilities committee.