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Milford Bible Church is pleased to present these featured events in the life of our church.  Some events may have required registration, so be sure to complete the registration for those events with registration requirements if you plan to attend.

Give Blood, Give Life

March 26th - 1:00p-6:00p

Inclement weather and power outages in March have caused blood drive cancelations that have resulted in close to 5,000 of units of blood and platelets to go uncollected throughout the Eastern U.S. including close to 1,500 units in our region.  Every day in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Red Cross needs to collect close to 800 units of blood and platelets—regardless of the weather—to meet the needs of patients. Donors of all blood types are encouraged to give as soon as they can to help ensure hospitals have an adequate supply of blood and platelets.

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