Our weekly gathering for junior and senior high students is filled with a lot of activity, challenging discussions, and probably a few injuries here and there. There's usually some projectiles flying through the air, as well as some hot takes on current issues and relevant topics as they are addressed by what the Bible has to say.
We have students from MBC, other churches, and from no church join us for this time of fellowship, food, fun, and discussion. We're convinced you won't leave the same!

Parents, please fill out a consent form for each of your students attending.

Friday Nights


Sunday Mornings


Milford Bible Church doesn't believe students are JV or second class. We gather with the rest of the body of Christ, those of other generations, to remind one another that God is gracious, good, sovereign, and is not silent. In fact, His Word speaks afresh to us each and every week.

Our hope is to raise up a generation of students who actually love church, not just the idea of the church. 


Our aim during our time together on Sunday mornings is to teach the Bible in a way that no student leaves indifferent. There are truths to wrestle with and apply. We know the world (especially via all its forms) will disciple our kids to accept certain norms. However, we have a different standard. We desire to raise up a generation of students who actually believe there is objective, absolute truth in the Scriptures. That God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

We offer classes for Junior and Senior High on Sunday mornings and would love for you to join us!