Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Our ambition, as followers of Jesus Christ, is to Glorify Him every place we set our feet!
Whether in your neighborhood, in the town square, or on foreign soil in a third-world country, we pray and train for the gospel to be clear, understood, and shared with as many people as possible.

Missionary of the Week

Dave & Joy Rozelle | Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Dave serves as the Executive Vice President for Biblical Ministries Worldwide. His role is to be the voice of the mission internally with communication to the missionaries and appointees. In addition, he works closely with the President to oversee new initiatives for the mission.  He will also be working with the missionaries on deputation until they go to the field of service. Dave is currently also working in missions mentoring at Rio Grande Bible Institute.

  • Wisdom as we work with many students at Rio Grande Bible Ministries in Edinburg, TX. We are preparing them for mission trips to places as diverse as Jordan, India, and Spain.

  • Discernment as we work with the Student Team organizing the Spring Missions Conference here at RGBM. The theme of the conference is BAM (Business as Mission). Several countries are not open to traditional missionary efforts, but people who are skilled and willing to go can gain access for the gospel through their business careers.

  • Our missionaries in Russia and Hong Kong are facing unprecedented pressure. Our missionaries in Eastern Russia will likely have to be evacuated in the next few days.

Active Missionaries

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